What has Friends of MADACC been up to in 2016?

In 2016, Friends of MADACC used your donations to help Milwaukee County’s homeless animals find forever homes and have an improved experience while in MADACC.

In 2016, with your donations Friends of MADACC:

  • Sponsored the adoptions of 498 cats and dogs;
  • Funded 97 spay and neuter surgeries for cats and dogs;
  • Sponsored a full time Kitten Commando Foster Coordinator position to facilitate kitten fostering;
  • Funded the outdoor play yard renovation to provide an enriching outdoor area for dogs;
  • Sponsored two shot clinics that provided low cost vaccinations, spay and neuter vaccinations, colalrs/leashes and food and treats;
  • Funded 18 serious medical treatments for cats and dogs in MADACC’s care, including heart surgery.

Learn more about Friends of MADACC’s results in our 2016 Impact Report.